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Deep Walking: : A New Pathway to Health for Body and Mind R J Hobson

Deep Walking: : A New Pathway to Health for Body and Mind

R J Hobson

Published March 25th 2013
ISBN : 9781483961927
234 pages
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 About the Book 

Deep Walking is a book written to encourage people to engage in a holistic walking program for better health. Laden with current research statistics it demonstrates how changing forces in our culture including poor diet and increased inactivity are putting all of us at risk for serious diseases which deprive us of lives of longer duration and good quality. The numbers of overweight and sedentary people in the world who eat unhealthful foods laced with sugar, salt, and fats and who choose physically inactive forms of work and entertainment generated in part by the new techno/gadget culture are growing exponentially. The result is an epidemic of diseases which range from compulsive/addictive disorders to diabetes, from severe obesity to deadly cancers, all of which threaten not only to steal the quality of our lives today but to end them prematurely tomorrow. Deep Walking takes walking to the next level. It not only provides the reader with evidence for the harm caused by our increasingly inactive lifestyles but presents specific recommendations for how we can engage in a life-long walking program and the benefits of doing so. It shows how we can increase our body fitness as we reduce destructive mental stress using walking meditation techniques, affirmations, and mindful sensual awareness activities. Those who participate in this holistic walking regimen will find it transformational and enjoy greater physical health and decreased susceptibility to illness as they feel more at peace mentally and enjoy increased happiness in all aspects of their lives. Deep Walking contains the following chapters: Active vs. Inactive, Why Walking?, Let Me Get Those Excuses for You, Assessment, Setting Realistic Goals, Walking Gear, Treadmills, Personal Safety, Tribal Member or Solitary Warrior?, Warming Up, First Steps, Walking Styles, Listening to Our Body and Our Mind, Inner Walking, Combating Stress, Taking Our Minds for a Walk, The Benefits of Meditation, Walking Meditation, Walking with a Higher Purpose, and Walking the Whole Person.