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Stories Of Witches (Young Reading (Series 1)) (Young Reading (Series 1)) Christopher Rawson

Stories Of Witches (Young Reading (Series 1)) (Young Reading (Series 1))

Christopher Rawson

Published March 30th 2007
ISBN : 9780746080665
48 pages
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 About the Book 

‘Stories of witches’, written by Christopher Rawson and illustrated by Stephen Cartwright, is a short collection of three stories aimed at KS1 children who have just leant to read alone. These engaging tales of a witch losing her broomstick, a greedy witch eating the farmers food and casting a spell in his daughter, and a farmers revenge on the milk stealing witch, are fun and easy to read with large clear, easy to read, text accompanied by simple cartoon style art.The book itself is part of the Usborne Young Reading: Series One. Series One is aimed at the younger reader, enabling them to get to grips with reading for themselves unaided.While the stories themselves are harmless I do have personal concerns this book, which is aimed at children of this age group, may engender or perpetuate a belief that the supernatural powers of witches are real. All three tales place the witches under a negative light, however witchcraft, in its modern guise of Wicca, is a recognised religion.Although, of course, Wiccans dont make people bark like dogs or make milk vanish and pour out of a well, nevertheless the negative characterisation of a real religion is a little troubling. I’m sure this was not the intention of the author- nevertheless it’s not putting a legitimate faith in a positive light.